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Juniors – Essential Things to Know Prior to your Senior Year
Reminders from the Counselors
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Amy Wood: (H-N Students) Ext. 6014
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It is essential to become familiar with the Counselors page of the website. This page provides information on:

Graduation Requirements
A+ Program
Progress Reports/Grade Cards
Grade Level Classification
OTC Middle College
Schedule Changes
Wildcat Catalog

Career Exploration
OTC Career Center
Missouri Connections
Missouri Career Center
STEM Careers
Best STEM Jobs
Military Careers


Scholarship Information
Financial Aid
College Visits to LR
College Prep Studies Certificate
College Fair
Dual Credit Coursework
College Information
College Prep Checklist
College Planning 101 (e-book)
College Bound Athletes
Top Ten Tips in getting a scholarship

Special Programs
Self Help Resources
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Selective Service System
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ACT Test Prep Information
Study Guides and Test Prep

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  • Get information about college admissions, ACT Registration, parent meetings, FAFSA, LR information, links to our scholarships lists and more…

Reminders for the Junior Year:

  • Check out the helpful resources for juniors on the Counselor Website:
    • College Prep Checklist
    • College Planning 101 (e-book)
  • Junior Parent Meeting
    • A Junior Parent meeting is scheduled for October 5, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. in the new addition to the Math hallway.
    • Information will be provided by the high school counselors. All juniors and their parents are encouraged to attend.
  • Required ACT Assessment - April 19, 2017
    • All juniors are required to take the ACT test during the school day on-site at LRHS on April 19, 2017 .
    • The ACT cost will be covered by the State of Missouri, since this test date is a mandated assessment for all juniors in the State of Missouri.
  • ACT and SAT test dates are posted on the web site and packages/information are available in the counseling office.
    • If you are eligible for free or reduced lunch, see your counselor for an “ACT Fee Waiver” , which allows you to take the ACT free of charge (Maximum of 2 times).
    • A majority of college/university admission requirements or scholarships rely on you having the adequate ACT score by the fall of your senior year – the Counseling Department recommends that you take the ACT during your junior year so you can ensure you have met the ACT score you need for admission to college and/or scholarship requirements.'
    • Remember you can take the ACT up to 12 times if needed and only the highest score counts.
    • Website for ACT is :
    • Website for SAT is:
    • Logan Rogersville High School’s Code is 262-815. You must put the HIgh School Code in when you register in order for the counseling office to receive your scores.
    • ACT is hosted at LRHS during October, December and February test dates (to register for testing at LRHS use site code: 234-250 ).
    • Months the ACT is given:
      ▪ September, October, December, February, April & June
    • Reminder: ACT has a photo upload requirement-for assistance go to the ACT website. There is a free App. on iPhone and/or Android phone or you can upload another photo. Please see your counselor if you need assistance.
  • The “College Handbook 2016” is available in the counseling office to check out high school preparation requirements for any 2 or 4 year college/university in the United States.
    • Please ensure you have met the high school preparation requirements of the college and/or university you are planning to attend.
  • Students have access to a computer/resource lab in the counselors’ office!
    • You will be able to use these computers for ACT registration, college searches & applications, scholarship searches & applications, FAFSA registration, and much more!
    • You will need to sign in at the front desk and you can work on your own and let a counselor know if you need assistance.
  • Students are eligible for a total of six excused college visits while enrolled at LRHS
    • College visit forms are available in the counseling office. Students must have form turned into main office with all signatures two days prior to college visit.
    • If college visit forms are filled out and submitted on time, absences for college visits will not count against students.
  • You are encouraged to check out colleges and universities during your junior year .
    • As stated previously you are eligible for a total of 6 college visits.
    • If you are unable to go on a college visit during the school schedule, take the opportunity to go on college/university visits during Spring Break and/or your summer break prior to your senior year.
    • While on a college visit - ensure you talk to the admissions office, financial aid, meet with a faculty member in the department you plan to major, visit the library, meet with students at the college/university, eat in the cafeteria, try to stay overnight if possible to ensure you have as much exposure to all aspects of the campus.
  • Challenge yourself -- although your GPA is important in the admission process for college and/or universities—it is more important that you are truly ready for college.
    • Be prepared for college by:
      • Taking more than the minimum in all core subject areas (English, Math, Science and Social Studies)
      • Take Dual Credit Coursework
      • Take courses even if they are HARD— Challenge yourself your senior year
  • Get ahead in college by taking dual credit coursework:
    • If you are planning to take dual credit courses in College Algebra or College English at Logan Rogersville High School with Missouri State University your senior year, you will need to have taken the ACT and/or SAT by June 2018.
    • Admission for dual credit MSU requirements include:
      • College Algebra 22 on the Math subtest section or pass the MSU Placement Test.
      • College English a 19 on the English subtest section
      • British Literature, U.S. History Survey To and/or Since 1877, Chemistry II, Greenhouse Management I or Advanced Animal Science they recommend a minimum of 3.0 g.p.a. and a 21 on the ACT . They may also look at SAT, PSAT, EOC test scores.
      • Remember these requirements are guidelines set by Missouri State University and may change yearly.
      • All dual credit courses offered are provided on-site at Logan-Rogersville High School by a credentialed Logan-Rogersville teacher that has been approved by Missouri State University to teach dual credit.
      • If you are taking the SAT please contact Missouri State University to determine what your score would need to be for dual credit admission.
      • If you have specific questions about dual credit requirements please contact Academic Outreach at Missouri State University at 417-836-4128.
      • We recommend that you go to the website of the College/University of your choice and look for “Transfer Equivalency” or “Transfer Credits” to see how the dual credit courses you plan to take (through MSU) will transfer to the college/university you plan to attend.
      • You can always take LRHS dual credit courses for high school credit, even if you do not meet MSU requirements or cannot afford the fees.
      • A majority of the dual credit coursework now counts as Weighted Classes (see Student Handbook for information).

Classes we currently offer for dual credit with Missouri State University include:

MSU Class/Credits
(Note: Courses, course numbers, and section numbers may change yearly.)

CHM 160  General Chemistry I - 4 credits
CHM 160  General Chemistry I Lab - 1 credit
MTH 135  ​College Algebra - 3 credits
PHY 123 ​  Physics - 4 credits 
ENG 110 ​  Writing I – 3 credits 
ENG 210 ​  Writing II – 3 credits 
ENG 200 ​  British Literature – 3 credits
HST 121  ​ History of US – 3 credits
HST 122  ​ History of US after 1877 – 3 credits
SPN 102  ​ Elementary  Spanish II
FRN 102  ​ Elementary French II
AGR 108  ​Greenhouse Management – 1 credit
AGR 108  ​ Advanced Animal Science – 1 credit


LRHS Class/Semester/Instructor

Chemistry II - all year - Mistler
Chemistry II – all year - Mistler 
College Algebra - all year - Kovach 
Physics- all year - Kovach
College English- 1​st​ semester – O. Guy 
College English – 2​nd​ semester –O. Guy 
British Literature – all year - McCroskey 
U.S. History Survey to 1877- 1​st​ semester –Katzin 
U.S. History Survey Since 1877- 2​nd​ semester –Online with MSU
Spanish III/IV – all year – Cheminel-Roten 
French III/IV - all year - Cheminel-Roten 
Greenhouse Management I – 1​st​ and/or 2​nd​ semester - Edwards
Advanced Animal Science – 1​st​ and/or 2​nd​ semester – Shriver 

Important Reminders: If you drop any of these classes at LRHS during the semester and have taken them for dual credit you will also need to ensure that you have dropped the course with Missouri State University since you are financially obligated to pay a percentage of fees owed, depending on when the course is dropped. Dual credit classes offered may be subject to change based on LRHS faculty available to teach dual credit courses and/or scheduling factors at LRHS.

Reminders for Senior Year

  • The “College & Career Fair” will be held in October 2017 (Senior Year)
    • The date for the College & Career Fair gets posted each year in the fall.
    • If you haven’t made a college/university decision by your senior year it may be helpful to attend.
    • The hours are 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Ramada OASIS Convention Center (Springfield, MO).
    • Representatives will be available from a variety of colleges and universities, trade and technical schools, and the military.
    • A Financial Aid Presentation will be available at 5:15 p.m. & 6:00 p.m.
  • Submit college applications to college/university of choice by November 2017.
    • Three to five applications is average. Please recognize for most colleges and universities simply applying does not mean you have committed to attend that institution.
    • Please recognize a lot of colleges/universities have set December 1 st as their deadline for some of their scholarships and often will not accept an ACT score after the October testing date.
  • Colleges are recommending you submit your college application online.
    • Once you have submitted your application online, notify the counseling office to send your transcripts.
    • To request your LRHS transcript to be sent to the college and/or university where you have applied you need to fill out the Transcript Request Form available online at the LR website: http://www/
    • The Counseling Department tracks in your permanent school record, where your official transcripts are mailed.
  • If you are on free or reduced lunch and are unable to pay the application fees, please see your counselor and they may be able to assist you in getting your fee waived.
  • If recommendation letters are required:
    • Provide your recommendation source with the Letter of Recommendation Form and/or a resume and details about what they are looking for (college/university or scholarship).
    • Provide your recommendation source with 1-2 weeks notice in order to provide you with a good recommendation.
  • Scholarship information is available in the announcements (see your WNT-Wildcat Nation Teacher for announcements ), or posted on the bulletin board (Counselors’ Corner) and are also available on the website at:
    • Incoming Freshmen Scholarships are always available through every college and university if you meet their criteria. Please check into these scholarships as they are renewable yearly if you continue to meet the college and/or university criteria (scholarship information is available on the college/university web site).
    • Hard copies of scholarships received at LRHS are available in the rolling file cabinet in the counseling office.
    • A large majority of the scholarship applications will need to be completed online.
    • Scholarships received at LRHS will also be posted on the website: (go to website - high school – counselor - scholarships).
    • Local scholarships become available usually in early March and have a shorter deadline to complete.
    • Scholarship websites for additional scholarships are also posted on the website.
  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) can be submitted in October of your senior year.
    • Filing the FAFSA is required for eligibility and is also the only way to qualify for grants and/or loans at the college or university you plan to attend.
    • FAFSA requires parent income information and it is often helpful if your parents have completed their income taxes.
    • The web link is
    • Ensure you are aware of college deadlines for FAFSA completion as that may correspond with financial funding for your college education.
    • FAFSA is required to be completed yearly when you are in college.
  • A+ Eligibility:
    • To determine A+ eligibility – see Mr. Joe Spurlin, A+ Coordinator
    • If you still need to do your A+ Tutoring consider doing it during Summer School.

The Counseling Department recommends that you provide your parents and/or guardian with this information.
Revised 9/2016

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